History of Arulmigu Siddhi Vinayagar Thirukoil,Gandhipuram

        In the Krita Yuga, Ganesha was born on earth as Mahokata the son of Sage Kashyapa and his wife Aditi. In this incarnation he destroyed the demons Naraaantak and Devantak who wre harassing the three worlds, as also another demon, Dhoomraaksha. On his achieving the purpose of his incarnation. He left his earthly parents , promising them that his astral spirit would be there whenever they wanted him.
       In the Treta Yuga, Ganesha was born as a son of Parvati. Once while playing he brought the wild peacock under control and was named Mayuresha as a result. He released birds like Jataayu. Shyena and Sampaati from the serpent kingdom and killed the domon Sindhu, the purpose for which he had incarnated.. He then married Siddhi and Buddhi ( personifications of achievement and wisdom ) and gifted his peacock to his brother Kartikeya whose vehicle it became. He hen went back to his heavenly abode.
       In the Dwaapara Yuga, Ganesha was born on earth as Gajaanana, and was adopted by Sage Paraashara and his wife, Vatsala when the king and queen his parents, deserted him on seeing an elephant headed child. He then conquered the evil demon , Sindhur, and then taught the Ganesha Geeta, the wisdom of the ages, to the king and queen who had earlier deserted him.

Vinayagar's Name's :

        Vinayagar has many names and many forms of His own. The word Vinayagar or Vinayagan is a combination of Vi + Nayagan."Vi" means "No" while "Nayagan" means "head". Vinayagar literally means He who has no leader. That is, He himself is the leader of all and therefore the highest.
       Ganapati = gana + pati.Pati = Lord; gana = Siva's warrior attendants. Therefore it means the Lord of Siva's warrior attendants.
       Ganapati also has another meaning derived from the root words ga + na + pati. Ga = going (into the world of knowledge); Na = the end (of this knowledge); and Pati = Lord.Therefore the Lord of both the path and goal/end and therefore the highest.
       Ganesan = easan + gana. Easen = Lord. So Lord of Siva's attendants.
       Vigneswaran = vigh + easwaran.Vigh = obstacles; Easwaran = Lord. Therefore it means Lord of obstacles and Remover of obstacles.
       Siddhivinayagar/Sithivinayagar = siddhi + vinayagar. Siddhi = powers or fulfillment; vinayagar = the top leader. This name therefore means the leader who confers powers or fulfillment on devotees.
       Gajamugha = gaja + mugham.Gaja = elephant; Mugham = face. It means the elephant-faced One. Gajananan carries the same.

Elephant and Mouse :

        Hindu deities normally each have their own vehicle in the form of some animal or bird. This is to drive home the point that all beings are the vehicles of God and that they have no existence independent of Him. Vinayagar has an enormous elephant head and He is seated on a small mouse. What is the significance of this?The elephant represents wisdom and strength. Its trunk can remove obstacles. The large head represents an expanded consciousness. It represents the highest type of consciousness.
       The mouse is always associated with the earth. Almost all parts of its body are in contact with the earth. It represents the lowest type of consciousness.
       And what connects these two?The human body. The message to the devotee is this: Man can be like the mouse which has limited consciousness or he can work his way up to achieve an expanded consciousness as represented by the elephant head. The rat runs hither and tether, Man's mind too, ruled by impulses, runs hither and thither. However, he is also capable of being wise, hardworking and strong like the elephant. Man's goal then is to remove his mouse qualities and enter the elephant stage.
       The huge elephant sitting on a tiny mouse also indicates the truth that the Atman is the same in all, irrespective of size or birth or race.
       Another meaning is also given to the mouse. It moves everywhere unnoticed and steals or destroys food. Like the mouse, egoism too exists unnoticed in our minds and silently wrecks havoc in our lives.When controlled by divine wisdom, however, the ego can aid progress.

The Trunk :

        The elephant trunk is very significant.The trunk is also its nose. The elephant nose is its greatest weapon and tool. Similarly, Vinayagar having the elephant form shows that man's nose is his greatest weapon and tool. How?Breath-control. Through breath control man can attain powers. It can help him expand his consciousness and move towards Sivagati.

Large Ears :

        Vinayagar has large ears. Why?It is to teach us to talk less and listen more. Many of our problems with people arise because we listen little but talk a lot. Before someone can finish saying what he wants to say, we interrupt. This truth can be verified at home and at meetings.
Ears are used to gain knowledge. The large ears indicate that when God is known, all knowledge is known.

The Foot :

        One foot of Ganesa touches the ground while the other is folded and rests on the other thigh. Why?This suggests that while we live in this world, we must tread the middle path and not go to extremes. Moderation should be our guide.